Type IRC bot
Creator "Alex G."
Date Discovered 2003.11.21
Place of Origin Waldshut, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Source Language C++
Platform MS Windows
File Type(s) .exe
Infection Length Varies
Reported Costs

Agobot, also known as Gaobot is an IRC bot with over a thousand variants, making it the most popular malware program in terms of variants. It can not be considered a true worm, as it does not replicate without commands from the operator.


Gaobot arrives on a computer through an IRC server using its own IRC client. It uses several Remote Procedure Call vulnerabilities to run on an infected computer. When Gaobot is executed, it copies itself to the Windows System folder under a file name that may vary. It then sets one or more registry keys to the name of the file so the worm will run when Windows starts.

Gaobot attempts to terminate the processes of antivirus and firewall software, as well as the process names associated with other worms. It also queries the registry to steal the CD keys of various games. Recent Gaobot variants may add entries to the %System%\drivers\etc\hosts file to disable access to certain antivirus Web sites.

Other FactsEdit

The creator of Agobot was arrested on the same day as Sven Jaschan of Sasser worm fame on 2004.05.07. The arrests were coordinated, but the two cases were found to be unrelated.

A researcher at Pandasoft studying a variant of the Gaobot worm (Gaobot.AAF) made a graphical representation of Gaobot's functions, which ended up looking similar to the Star Wars Death Star.

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