An antivirus or an antivirus program scans and montiors your computer and internet connection for malicious programs. Antiviruses work by scanning executables and other files for strings of data they have positively identified as only being in that virus. If they find a file which matches their description, they attempt to delete it. Some antiviruses also scan your network and internet connection and block any incoming threats, if they can. Some antivirus programs come installed on the computer, often a variant of Norton antivirus. Some antivirus, such as Norton and Trend Micro are not very good and will not block anything, while also slowing down your computer. Others, such as Avast! and Malwarebytes are very good and will actively protect your computer.

Antivirus NamesEdit

Antiviruses are named too. Some antiviruses are:

  1. Trend Micro Antivirus
  2. AVG Antivirus
  3. Avast! Antivirus
  4. McAfee Security
  5. Norton 360
  6. Symantec
  7. Panda Security
  8. Spybot
  9. Avria Antivirus
  10. F-Secure Antivirus

Fake antivirusesEdit

Fake antiviruses pretend to be legitimate, but they fake an infection and want you to pay to "remove" it.. These are referred to as 'rogue antiviruses'. Some rogues are:

  1. SpySheriff
  2. SpyDawn
  3. SecuritySheild
  4. BraveSentry
  5. Antivirus 2009