Template:MalwareInfoboxCMOSDead is a destructive DOS Virus.


When run, CMOSDead will start infecting .COM files on the infected computer. After this is finished, when infected .COM Files are run, the virus deploys its payload at random.

Primary PayloadEdit

Often described as being among the most unnerving and frightening payloads of any virus, CMOSDead will destroy the user's CMOS Data and Memory by corrupting it. To hide this, it displays a screen with the words 'CMOS' (at the top of the screen) and 'DEAD' (at the bottom of the screen) with the phrase "Your computer will be need (sic) a psychiatrist..." with the 'r' in 'psychiatrist' highlighted in red. While this takes place, a loud, screeching noise is played through the computer's speakers which will not shut off unless the machine is turned off. After the virus has finished destroying the CMOS, the machine turns off, leaving the computer without a date/time and hard drive controller settings.

Secondary PayloadEdit

CMOSDead had a secondary payload included which destroys the machine's hard drive if the user attempts to manually shut off the machine with CTRL-ALT-DEL. The Virus will format the user's hard drive if they attempt to turn off the machine in this way.


File:CMOSDead DOS Virus

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