Herm1t is the owner of VX Heavens website and virus coder from Ukraine. Most of his work focuses on Linux, FreeBSD and other types of Unix. He created Lacrimae virus which implements code integration (ZMist-like) technique and two variants of Futhork one of the few viruses in the LISP language.

In Spring of 2012, Herm1t was charged with computer crimes in Ukraine. His server was seized and the site was made unavailable. An online campaign known as "Saving Private Herm1t" was started on Facebook to raise funds for his legal defense. Security researchers urged Ukraine to drop the charges, saying the site was an extremely valuable resource to researchers and of little value to criminals. The case was closed lately in 2012.

Viruses: 42, Adhoc, Arches, Arian, CSmall, Dawn, Egalite, Futhorc, FV, Grip, Hasher, Lacrimae, Pilot, RELx, Tahorg; Sources available here.

Home page:

Personal blog: (in russian)

Papers Edit

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Interviews Edit

Jeremy Kirk. CSO Online, Security experts push Ukraine to drop VX Heavens prosecution. 2012.04.11

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