Type Email worm
Date Discovered 2001.05.09
Place of Origin
Source Language Visual Basic
Platform Windows Scripting Host
File type(s) .vbs
Infection length
Reported costs

Homepage is an encrypted VBS worm. It runs on the Windows Scripting Host, which is installed in Windows 2000 and 98 by default.


Homepage arrives in an email message with a subject line of "Homepage". The message body says "Hi! You've got to see this page! It's really cool ;O)". When the attachment is executed, it decrypts and copies itself to a temporary folder. It checks the MS Outlook address book for email addresses and sends a copy of its email to them with a copy of itself.

When it is finished, it creates the registry key HKCU\software\An\mailed and adds the value of 1 to it. When the worm is run a second time, it will not mail itself and will delete all messages in the inbox with "Homepage" as a subject line. It also displays one of the following pages:


Eset Antivirus, VBS/Homepage.A.

Kaspersky Lab., Email-Worm.VBS.Homepage.

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