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Type Boot sector virus
Date Discovered 1989?
Place of Origin Sofia, Bulgaria
Source Language Assembly
Platform DOS
Infection Length 1 boot sector
Reported costs

Trackswap, also known as Xboot is a Bulgarian boot sector virus from around 1989. It is a part of the "Plovdiv" group of viruses, named for the fact that they were created by a programmer from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There is also a boot virus named Swap that was first reported in Israel, but it is uncertain if these two are related.

When a disk infected with the virus is booted, the virus becomes memory resident. It infects the boot sectors of some disks inserted into the system.

A timeline on the history of computer viruses placed on the IBM incorrectly states that this virus contains the text string "(C) June, by the CIA.". This string is actually contained in a virus that was first discovered in Israel named "Swap". They are both boot sector viruses but do not seem to be related.


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