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Virushunter is the administrator of this wiki. He is a collector of viruses and an amateur researcher in addition to a student of Information Systems.


If you would like to contact me, I have set up an email address specifically for this wiki. Please keep it limited to topics involving malware. If you would like to trade or donate a sample of malware, please send it in a password-protected zip file, this way we can get past email virus scanners. Make the password something simple ("infected" is the password I prefer) and let me know what it is since we are just trying to get it past the detection of the scanners.

I'm getting a new email address specifically for matters involving this wiki. Don't bother contacting the old one, I am deleting it. I will post it here when I have the new one.

Send any ideas, arguments, encouragement, complaints, threats and even viruses here. Also look at my "Wanted Alive" list, as you may have something I want and may be willing to give you some really good samples in return for. Most of what is on this wiki is in my collection. Though my collection is much smaller than the VX Heavens collection and nearly every other collection for download on the Internet, my samples are thoroughly vetted to make sure it is the real and complete thing.

My CollectionEdit

My collection of viruses and worms is still very small (only 5,036 samples as of this writing, a little under 200 megabytes). So many collections are huge, but inaccurate, for example, the VX Heavens collection (don't get me wrong, I love VX Heavens) only has one script file for the Ramen worm, which is not the complete worm. I decided that the only way to have an accurate collection was to sort by hand. My own collection has the complete binaries of several worms and viruses that are difficult to find elsewhere. The collection is also checked for accuracy, usually (especially for older viruses) determined by F-Prot's detections, though often by looking into the files with a hex editor. It can be painstaking work, but it is worth it.

Most of the viruses and worms in this wiki are in the collection. There are many that are not in the wiki, but are in the collection, as they often behave the same way as a few other viruses and worms already in the wiki. Those listed under "Wanted Alive" are in the wiki but not the collection.

Wanted AliveEdit

If you have executables of any of these, please send me an email along with any conditions you might have for sending them to me. Source code is also helpful, unless it is noted that I already have it.

About meEdit

Virushunter is a student of Information Systems at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York. He hopes to work in any field where he will get to work with self-replicating programs, whether it is antivirus, law enforcement or national security.


Virushunter was born to a military family in Nebraska. He spent some of his childhood living in Alaska and Hawaii before the family settled in a small town in Maryland just outside of Washington DC. His interest in viruses began in 1992 when his father showed him a newspaper article about the Michelangelo virus and told him "don't bring any disks home from school". Naturally, he wanted to catch the virus, just to have it, not to destroy anything. He did not catch it until a little over ten years later. He studied (but never completed a degree in) Journalism, but returned to college to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

He is an Atheist and a libertarian (note the lower-case "l", he is not a party member). His intellectual influences include Ayn Rand, Anton LaVey, Aristotle, H.L. Mencken, John von Neumann and Nietzsche.

Outside of computers, his interests include writing, cooking, travel and foreign language. He speaks German, Arabic and some Chinese. Other languages he hopes to learn in the future include Russian, Korean and Farsi.



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