Write the first paragraph of your page here. VirusBurst is classified as a rogue scanner, sometimes referred to as scareware. Rogue scanners masquerade as antivirus, antispyware, or other security software, claiming the user's system is infected in order to trick them into paying for a full version. In some cases, users who pay for the full version of a rogue scanner product will end up with erroneous charges on their credit card after purchase. For example, a rogue scanner may claim the price is $49 but the charge that appears on the credit card may be as high as $190 or more.

Method of InfectionEdit

Rogue scanners may exploit security vulnerabilities to forcibly install, or they may attempt to trick users into installing by masquerading as a free security scan or system tune-up. Rogue scanners are also distributed via email scams, often masquerading as breaking news alerts..

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