Jacky Qwerty, born in USA, died on September 2013 in a car crash outside his home in the suburbs of New York. Many speculate that the car crash was intentional, citing that both victims in the car crash both knew Jacky, and conspired to kill him in what appeared to be an accident. Pinned between the two cars, Jacky died shortly after. In those remaining moments, with Jacky's nervous system shut down to keep him conscious, he revealed in confession that he had been working with underground hacker groups to secure and sell off private corporate information. Following this, an inquiry was launched into the Jacky's activities and co-conspirators.

It was found, that on May 2010 to August of that same year, that the late Jacky Qwerty's statements were indeed authentic. A number of FBI raids began shortly after the revelation, up until January 2011 where the pertained associates faced court proceedings.

They were all sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole on an collective account of 18 felons, except for Mendez who left with just a parking ticket.

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